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People Love Us!

It’s not a secret. Customers love our products. Have a look at some of our latest testimonials from real customers.

Best Out There

I took the juice just once, a friend bought it for me in Skye bank 2 years ago and since then it has replaced all drinks in my house. Teman Paran is not only healthy but also therapeutic.

Amazing Product…Without Sugar

It took me time to be convinced that the juice was without sugar until one of the company staffs came to our kitchen to prepare a sample for us. Now I know that genuine juice extract is sweet especially pineapple (sugarloaf specie). I reaffirm that this drink is honestly without sugar.

Used In Cancer Treatment

My sister was diagnosed with cancer and we were advised to prepare sour sop juice for her. With the assistance of food amplifiers, we got regular supply of the juice for her on special demand. We can’t wait to see such medicinal drink commercialize for all. Thank you Teman Paran. ….

From Gift to Official Drink

The drink was presented to me as gift in a church where I went to minister, I later called the number on the label to place order.. Since then it has become our official drink in my church. What a lovely natural drink!

From a retailer to consumer

My intention was to buy and sell; I didn’t know how we finished the whole packs at home. Today I am a distributor of the drink. I recommend a bottle to all especially those who need vitamin A

Endorsed By NAFDAC

This drink has been endorsed by NAFDAC and product formulation guided by FIRO. It is fortified with Vitamin A and this is very good for sight. I recommend this drink for children also.

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